Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Can spirituality fit into the things we already do? I think, for the most part - yes!

Being spiritual doesn't have necessarily mean you will literally be enabled to make incredible shows of otherworldly power - though life is indeed more magical and healing from those small moments when I felt attuned. I've observed that spirituality is most possible when you operate from a spiritual space in much of your doings. It is compatible with you whether you dance all night at the club or renounce all worldly pleasures. In fact, I'd rather the opportunity show compassion and presence of spirit on the dancefloor than be a recluse, because the more areas of life you can bring your soul into, the more it improves the wholeness of your life and the lives of all you touch. Plus you know I like to dance!! :)


ALICE GRIST: "Spirituality does not have a secret recipe that involves foreign climes or other people’s esoteric knowing. All you truly need is an open heart, a willingness to learn, a desire to examine your own self and a lot of trust in the unseen world that brings small miracles to your door. Even the most seemingly imperfect among us can rustle up these ingredients easily!

"For a third time let me say it: you are spiritual because you are spirit."

Spiritual Living for Imperfect People!

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